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You may not have given much thought to the marine lighting on your watercraft, but you should. The proper lights for your boat will help keep you safe and give you a more enjoyable journey on the water. Whether you’re sailing a multimillion dollar yacht, a houseboat, or a fishing boat, marine lights are an important aspect of your watercraft.

Some of the more common marine lighting that you need for your boat can combine both practical and stylish elements. You may need particular lights for safety, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the style, elegance, or beauty of your ship. With today’s lighting options, you can find what you need. Some of the outdoor marine lighting that you may want to consider:

-Navigation Lights

Navigation lights can help others see where your boat is and where you’re headed. You’ll keep your boat, yourself, and your guests safer with appropriate navigation lights. You should mount a green light on the starboard side and a red light on the port side. A white light should be placed on the masthead. This allows other vessels to see the direction that you’re headed as well as where you are located in the water. You may want to check out Marine Lighting Retailer for more.

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-Rope Lighting

Rope lighting can provide an easy way to navigate onboard. You and your guests will be able to see where steps, the end of the deck, and other hazards are. You’ll be able to move around more efficiently and safely when you know where potentially dangerous spots are onboard when it’s dark outside.

-Fishing Lights

If you like to fish at night, you may want to consider fishing lights, which will attract more fish to your location. You’ll find a range of fishing lights and colors available online and in fishing supply stores. You’ll soon be dining on seafood under the stars.

In addition to these outdoor marine lights, you can also find a wide array of indoor lights as well. Both indoor and outdoor lights can be found that use different power sources, from batteries to solar power. You should consider what power source you’ll need for your vessel before you buy to ensure that the lights will work for you.

Marine lighting is necessary for safety reasons, but you can buy lighting that will also enhance the beauty of your vessel. You’ll want to consult with marine regulations on lighting to make sure that you have the necessary lights onboard. Not having the right marine lighting could be dangerous or even deadly.