A lot of people have never heard of bail bonds Morris County. They only know that once you get arrested, an attorney will take care of everything. But there is no harm in knowing what Morris County bail bonds are. In fact, being aware of what these are can increase your chances of being freed from the arrest. For this reason, knowing what these are surely pays a huge benefit to everyone when the opportunity calls for their expertise.Bail Bonds and Attorneys is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Throughout the years, the process of being arrested has not changed a lot. The procedure includes an initial booking and placing the arrested individual in a holding cell. But after that, they need to face a judge in a process known as an arraignment. During this time, the judge will hear the charge and will ask the detainee for his plea. Most of the time, the plea is ‘not guilty.’ Once this is the case, a court date will be scheduled for a formal trial.

However, there are several instances when the date for the official trial ranges from months to years from the present date; it is up to the judge to make a decision if the person accused can be trusted. The judge will have to decide if the suspect can remain out of custody prior to the said schedule of the trial.

But what will happen if that person will not return to face the judge on the schedule of his trial? Not only has he wasted the time of several people, he has also wasted the state’s money on the hourly wage of the people involved in the trial. This is why a financial incentive has been organized. So that the suspect will voluntarily return to court, it is routine for the court to require bail money. This amount is defined by how grave the charges of the crime are. For people who have been charged with murder, the bail is usually $500,000.

Once he is unable to appear in court, he will be liable to repay the amount and will have to suffer more consequences. More often than not, several individuals are unable to afford paying this bail. When this happens, it is time to get the help of a bondsman so that bail bonds can be arranged.

When asked what bail bonds are, they are surety bonds which are being used in order to guarantee the total amount once the accused individual falls short in maintaining the terms created along with his or her release. The role of the bondsman is to pay the court a hefty blanket bond which will be enough to cover multiple clients. In return, he gets to charge each of his clients 10% of their total bail figure which will act as their cash guarantee. These are then considered bail bonds and generally, they are non-refundable once they have been obtained through the bondsman. One good thing that these bail bonds have on the accused though, is that they get to avoid spending so much time in an unpleasant cell while they are waiting for the date of the scheduled trial.

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